We LOVE our kids and it’s time to share our JOY…..

Everyone has trying times. We’ve all felt the terror of a behavioral meltdown or the frustration of answering the same questions. “When do I get to eat?” “When is snack time?” However, when our kids shine they remind us that inside of our flawed selves we are all deeply human. Regardless of condition, ability or drive, every person is an emotional and sometimes irrational being. That being said, it is this divine human spirit that can defy odds and overcome obstacles. Stories like these put the lump in our throats and cause us to smile, cheer and rejoice in the beautiful glow that is LIFE. Hard times pass leaving us with a renewed sense of what’s really important. That’s what we wish to share here.

Joy. Pass it on…


The Power of Parent’s Pride!  Let’s share our stories…

I’ll start…

My daughter Olivia is 8 ½ years old (in her words).  She has been dancing for the last 3 years with a local German dance group.  This has changed our whole family forever.  Olivia has been dancing with a group of wonderful kids that welcomed her with open arms and made her feel a part of the team.  Not only does she get to learn a bit of her heritage and language with singing songs, she also gets to dance (exercise) and show off her beautiful smile on stage.  We are of coarse so proud of her, but most of all she is proud of her self.

Olivia is a planner like most of our kids, she has been watching every move the adults in the dance group do.  She has made it known that she will be dancing one day with her instructors.  This has shown us that finding different and creative ways to get Olivia on a healthy path of life will provide her with a life long drive and sense of importance to dance (exercise) and feel proud of what she can accomplish throughout her lifetime.  We are so proud of her dedication and the hard work she continues to show us.

Please share with us your stories of pride.  It is a perfect way for all of us to be reminded of what our kids do to make us so proud.  They are doing it every day and we would love to share your stories!

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