• Camp Scholarship and General Assistance Application

Camp Scholarship and General Assistance Application


PWSA of WI, Inc. strives to assist in improving the quality of life for a child or adult with Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS). This fund provides financial assistance to help meet the unique needs of these individuals and their families.

Who is Eligible to apply?
Eligibility is based on financial need of the person with PWS. Financial need being equal, the second consideration would be given to those who could benefit most from the use of these funds.
1. Any person with PWS who resides in the State of WI.
2. The person with PWS or the caregiver or a family member of the person with PWS must be a member of the state chapter of the PWSA of WI, Inc.

What can the funds be used for?
The funds can be used to purchase exercise equipment; camp scholarship; provide transportation for medical treatment; further the education of parents by assisting with expenses of going to the National PWSA (USA) annual conference or other workshop or training; assist in modifications of the living environment to increase the safety for a person with PWS; supplemental respite care, etc.

Method of Applying
Complete and submit an application form to the State Office of PWSA of WI, Inc. along with any additional information, which might be helpful. An application form is available in the Wisconsin Connection, the newsletter of PWSA of WI, Inc. , on the PWSA of WI, Inc. web site or by calling or writing PWSA of WI, Inc. State Office. New applications should be submitted annually. Applicants may only receive assistance through this fund one time per year.

Method of Selection
Applications will be reviewed and selected by a committee consisting of the accountant, treasurer, President, Vice President and Program Director.

As mentioned above,
1. The first criteria for selection will be financial need.
2. The second criteria for selection will be the person who can benefit most from the funds.
3. Only 1 request will be granted each year to one person/family unless an emergent urgent situation exists.
4. Consideration will be made for new applicants. Previous recipients will also be considered.

Information Needed for Application for funds 
Please refer to General Assistance application below. 

Names of applicants and recipients of funds will be kept confidential, except from the Officers and Board of Directors of PWSA of WI, Inc.

Families and Providers:

Resources listed on this website are provided for informational purposes only. PWSA of Wisconsin, Inc. does not endorse any particular therapy or provider. Be sure to talk with a trusted physician about what interventions and approaches are most appropriate for your child or person with PWS in your care.

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